The old couple Lindström







With this picture of the old couple Lindström this short story about our earliest generations is ended.

Bild28-540Lindekullen - graven




The graveyard is protected according to the law for ancient monuments and is maintaind by the family association

Wreath-laying at på Lindekullen




In connection with a family meeting in Värnamo in the early 1980 decade the chairman Clarence Reuterswärd places a wreath at the grave of our ancestor.




..And at Lindekullen, which was the name he gave to his graveyard, he is resting since 1870, and in at this place many descendants of the family are buried – the graven belong to the family and can still be used.

The church of Voxtorp




In the parish of Voxtorp, to which Edh belonged, they did not like his ideas about a graveyard of his own -- his request was denied – the opinion was that the the existing cemetery was good enough.


The graveyard - overview map





But Leonard Lindstöm was a man who usually got his own way about what he wanted, and he got into contact with the bishop in Växjö, Hultman, who came and inaugurated his private graveyard.

Bild25b-400Anne Eugenie
Bild25a-400Leonard Jonathan


Towards the end of his life Leonard started to plan for his decease. In the evenings he sometimes was sitting watching the grounds of the big estate and his wish to be buried i the neighbourhood grow stronger and stronger.