In a copy from 1845 of the paper Aftonbladet, started in 1830 by Johan Hierta, goods from Sweden had been wrapped. – In this paper, which of course was read in the home in S:t Petersburg, there was a notice catching the interest of the head of the family.

( the picure illustates the general appearance of the paper at that time)

Katarina-church today

This is the way it looks today, the church where  Leonard and Anne Eugenie got married


In S:t Petersburg Leonard and Anne Eugenie met, they fell in love and married in October 1829. And soon children were born.



Smolny convent school

...and here is a picture of the convent school in S:t Petersburg, to which Anne Eugenie went.

Sankt Petersburg


This picture from S:t Petersburg is painted somewhat later than the time the Gordon family arrived in the city.

But the city was constantly growing and the commercial life was flourishing. Leonard Jonathan himself had made his way in the society – eventually he bacame the owner's partner in the liquor factory where he was employed.




And here is another picture from the country of the Tsar - the capital Moskva. Here, by the way, the son Frans of the couple Lindström later founded his institute of gymnastics.

But let us in this story keep to S:t Petersburg, because that was the place where it happened – though we not yet are sure about where and when.





This portrait shows the stepfather according to the tradition of Anne Eugenie. His name was François de Gonon and he was a wine-merchant.






Marie de Gonon.
François de Gonon



François de Gonon was married to Marie Endrieux – and here she is.

The couple moved from France to Sankt Petersburg in Russia. This probably was in 1822.

(The originals of the portaits belong to the Rääf family)

The young Anne Eugenie




May it be this beautiful woman? Or... Anyhow, this is Anne Eugenie as we all know – and she is my (*) grandgrandgrandmother . But is she also a daugther of Hortense and Charles too? She is registered as born in 1811, but by that time the date the adoption came into force usually was registered as the birthdate. Therefore the child Anne Eugeniie may have been a few years old at that date.

Anyhow she certainly lived between 1811 and 1885. The original of this beautiful portait, on which she is only around 20 years old, can be found at Nordiska Museet in Stockholm.

(*for those belonging to generation 5)