Jonathan Lindströms gesällbrev


By way of Norrtälje and work, first as apprentice and later as copper-smith journeyman,  Leonard Jonathan and a couple of his work-mates left their native land for Russia and Sankt Petersburg in the end of the 1810 decade.



After the death of the prosecutor in december 1803 Leonard Jonathan's mother remarried – but after she died in november 1808,  Leonard Jonathan made off for the world.



Margaretha Christina's tombstone
The church of Östhammar in Börtsil, the gate


On the gravestone (which by the way was reconditioned by the Edh family association in connection whis the meeting in Östhammar 1987) you can read (translated): ”Here rests the remains of a beloved mother, Margareta Christina Lindström born Grönstedt * 5 april 1760 † 23 november1808. Deeply mourned by 5 children left behind”

The shed


The gate to the garden


The site where the Lindström family lived is still there -- even if just the sheds are preserved  from that time.


Current house in Östhammar

The dwelling-house now on the site is form the first half of the 19th century.

Bild2-400Jonathan Lindström som ung






And here he is, Leonard Jonathan Lindström, maybe around 30 – 35 years old, and maybe just when he met his wife to-be.

He was born in Östhammar 1794, one year before the city was burnr down the the second time that century. The first time was in connection with the russian ravages 1719 on the swedish east coast.

Östhammar in the 18th century

This is a short story of a family - maybe it could start here in Östhammar, a small city by the coast of Roslagen, Sweden, founded around 1368 (?)

Here the hatter-master Elias Grönstedt died on the 29 of May 1790 in a violent way. He left behind a  considerable inheritance according to the extensive estate inventory. A part of the inheritance came to the daughter Margaretha Christina, born in 1760 and married to  the master painter and prosecutor Jonathan Lindström, born in 1742.

The latter couple became parents to Leonard Jonathan, my grandgrandgrandfahter  and your..… well, whatever it may be…