Henrik Lindström

”What shall we call your order?” the restaurant-keeper asked. - ”Biff a la Lindström” – and that dish is on the menu at each of our family meetings since then.

But, unfortunately, by economical reasons usually a somewhat simpler variant of the dish is served when we meet nowadays - e.g. the ripped beef fillet is replaced by minced meat.




One of the sons Lindström – Henrik – became an officer who at last ended up at the island Gotland. During his early duty in the services he once visited the Witt hotel in Kalmar.

This place is still there. There he ordered a dish, which he had been served in his youth. Ripped beef fillet is mixed with capers, beetroot, cubes of potatoes and yolk of egg. The mixture is formed like hamburgers and fried in a hot pan. He is said to have mixed the ingredients at the table himself.





Biff a la Lindström


The children grow and met their spouses to be – often they were found among the families on estates in the adjacent area.


Fritz Lilliecreutz
Anne Eugenie's eldest daughter Marguerite (I) surrounded by
her younger sisters Adrienne (XIII) to the left and Maria (XI) to the right




In November 1849 the eldest daughter Marguerite, 19 years old,  was married to baron Fritz Lilliecreutz (25).The ceremony was held  in the big hall on the upper floor of the Edh manor-house.

Soon also the rest of the childen had left home.


Bild21-700 Edh - the big hall
A group photo of the family


The family continued to grow – finally there was a crowd of 14 children. One son died in his early infancy. Here is a group portrait f the family from the 1860-ies.

In the upper row we see from the left: Sophie, Anna, Elisabet, Eugenie, Henrik

In the lower row we see from the left: Marguerite, Leonard Jonathan, Adrienne, Anne Eugenie, Maria, Caroline, (standing behind Elias), Elias och Julie. Frans och Leon are missing on the photo.


The manor-house of Edh nowadays


Anyhow -  he bought the estate with crofts and outlying farms and vast grounds. It was situated on a strip of land between two lakes, Furen och Floren. ('Ed' means 'strip of land' i Swedish)

1846 the manorhouse was repaired and expanded and the family moved in.


The estate of Edh in earlier days - an overview

In the advertisment a big estate in the parish of Voxtorp  near Värnamo, Småland, was offered for sale.

The name was Edh, which maybe made Leonard a little sentimental – there also was, and is, an Ed  close to Östhammar..


The estate of Edh in earlier days - the entrance